In honor of Earth Day

WSIA presented the First Annual SunCup Invitational!

April 21, 2018

The WSIA’s Inaugural SunCup Invitational brought together sungrowers from across Washington to compete for the best sungrown products in the state! Congratulations to the 2018 SunCup Winners and Runners-Up!

This year’s event was centered around Earth Day intentionally to highlight the environmental benefits of sungrown cannabis cultivation and how we can redirect the focus of the cannabis industry to its impacts on carbon emissions. In addition to the competition, attendees enjoyed some stand-up comedy from Seattle International Comedy Competition Finalist Taylor Clarke, as well as a spectacular presentation from Dr. Ethan Russo, Research and Development Director at the International Cannabis and Cannabinoid Institute. Russo discussed the complicated nature of terpene profiles in addition to issues relating to pesticides in cannabis.

We were all inspired and humbled by the wonderful, environmentally-conscious cannabis entrepreneurs who showed up to support this year’s event! We will build on this energy as we expand our membership in 2018, as well as focus on the 2019 Legislative Session where we will collectively develop and advocate for policies that support sungrowers and environmental protections in Washington!

2018 Winners


Puffin Farm

Hindu Kush


Puffin Farm



Canna Verde

Green Ribbon


Eagle Trees



Kiona THC

Ol’ Mendo Hashplant


Green Barn Farms

Afghan Kush Hash


Lazy Bee Gardens



CannaSol Farms

Golden Goat Wax



OG Grapefruit Krypt


Puffin Farm

Dancehall EVFO


Lazy Bee Gardens

Lilly CBD

2018 SunCup Runners-Up

Full Term THC – Ritual Cannabis, Chernobyl

Full Term CBD – Cascade Gnome, Aliens on Moonshine

Light Dep THC – Lazy Bee Gardens, Tesla Tower

Light Dep CBD – Lazy Bee Gardens, Remedy

Solventless Concentrate – Natural Mystic Farm, Dr. Who Hash

CO2 Dab – Olala, Tesla Tower

Hydrocarbon Dab – Gorge Gold, Purple Petrol

THC Cartridge – Pearl Extracts, NL 5 Haze

CBD Cartridge – Heylo, Harlequin

CBD Concentrate – Puffin Farm, Remedy EVFO

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2018 Competitors

SunCup contestant Puffin Farm

Puffin Farm
Lazy Bee Gardens

Lazy Bee Gardens
Natural Mystic Farms SunCup contestant

Natural Mystic Farms
Ritual Cannabis SunCup contestant

Ritual Cannabis
Bad Ass Herbs SunCup contestant

Bad Ass Herbs
Canna Verde Farms SunCup contestant

Canna Verde Farms

CannaSol Farms SunCup contestant

CannaSol Farms
Pearl Extracts SunCup contestant

Pearl Extracts
SunCup contestant Gorge Gold

Gorge Gold
SunCup contestant High Five Farms

High Five Farms
SunCup contestant Green Barn Farms

Green Barn Farms
SunCup contestant Pickens Mountain Cannabis

Pickens Mountain
SunCup contestant Methow Horticulture

Methow Horticulture
SunCup contestant ahighrpowr

Eagle Trees SunCup contestant

Eagle Trees
Cascade Gnome SunCup contestant

Cascade Gnome
Walden SunCup contestant

Heylo SunCup contestant

Sustainnabis SunCup contestant

Acme Diesel SunCup contestant

Acme Diesel
Olala SunCup contestant


2018 Judges

Kody McConnell WA SunCup judge

Kody McConnell

Chimacum Cannabis Co.

Flower Judge

I’m the owner/manager/medical consultant of the Chimacum Cannabis Co., which was recognized by High Times Magazine in 2017 as one of the best dispensaries in America. Our passion for sungrown cannabis stems from our commitment to regenerative agriculture, which is a cornerstone of our local organic farming community on the Olympic Peninsula. Of particular interest to me are microclimate-specific varietals and the effects of terroir on sungrown cannabis.
Sara Fletcher WA SunCup judge

Sara Fletcher

Dockside Cannabis

Flower Judge

I have been a Cannabis Enthusiast for the past 18 years. If my background in herbalism has taught me anything, it’s that plants that are grown in their natural environment not only contain more active constituents but have a stronger energy or life force. When choosing flower, I often grab for the buds that have spent their time shooting leaves and stems up to the sun and roots into real living soil.
Maryam Mirnateghi WA SunCup judge

Maryam Mirnateghi

Canna West Seattle

Flower Judge

Over the last decade I have been fully engrossed in the cannabis industry and I’ve loved it. To say that I’m a cannabis enthusiast is a major understatement — cannabis has changed my life! I’ve been an activist, a grower, a consultant, and I have owned both medical and recreational retail stores. Currently, I own and operate Canna West Seattle with the help of my amazing Canna-family — seriously, our staff is the best! There is no greater rush than to fully experience beautifully grown cannabis, especially sun-kissed cannabis!
Jason Ritz WA SunCup judge

Jason Ritz

Paper & Leaf

Concentrate Judge

I work at Paper and Leaf on beautiful Bainbridge Island where emphasis is placed on quality cannabis products and engagement. In addition to sustainability and a lower carbon footprint, which benefits even non-users of cannabis, sun grown products reap the benefits of full spectrum open air cultivation with robust terpene profiles that just aren’t similarly expressed using synthetic processes.
Lahna Utterback WA SunCup judge

Lahna Utterback

{ aka Tokahontas }
Herbn Elements

Concentrate Judge

I’ve been working at Herbn Elements in Lake City for a little over two years. I support sungrown because, Mother Nature, she is a beautiful thing, and she’s always been too kind to the human race. It is wonderful that we can share this plant together, especially in its purest form. I instantly fell in love with farms that strive for cleanliness in their product.
Lauren Taylor WA SunCup judge

Lauren Taylor

Uncle Ike’s

Concentrate Judge

I’m an East Coaster living the dream of selling pot in Seattle at Uncle Ike’s. Sungrown cannabis is near and dear to my heart. I learned very quickly my first winter in Seattle that there is truly no replacement for the Sun. Our bodies need it just as badly as our weed does, and I believe all the happiness and beauty that comes along with a sunny day can be felt in the effects of Sungrown cannabis. With the recreational marijuana industry comes a great opportunity to take care of our environment, and sustainable Sungrown cannabis is a very important step in the right direction.

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