Washington’s Best Sungrown Cannabis

It’s more than just bragging rights.

All winners will be publicly honored at the event with a beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade glass art trophy. WSIA will issue press releases to media partners highlighting winners after the event and publicize winners on our website as well as across our social media networks.

In prior year’s we’ve had media coverage of the event including the Spokesman ReviewLeafly,  Marijuana Venture & The Stranger, and winners have reported increased sales associated with promoting their product as a Washington Sun Cup Award winner.

Last year we had more than 25 cannabis companies enter 75 sungrown products.

We are looking forward to once again bringing together the most inspiring sungrowers and processors in the state and celebrating the hardest working folks in the industry.

Competition Categories

All entries must be sungrown or contain sungrown flower.

Blinded/ Unbranded Categories
1. Best Full-Term Sungrown Flower THC (Blinded)
2. Best Light Deprivation Sungrown Flower THC (Blinded)
3. Best CBD Flower (Blinded)
4. Best Greenhouse Grown Flower THC (supplemental lighting used in flowering) (Blinded)
5. Best Live Resin Dab (An extraction derived from freshly harvested or fresh frozen material) (Blinded)
6. Best Dab (Blinded)
7. Best CO2 Dab (Blinded)
8. Best Infused Joint (Blinded)
9. Best Preroll (Blinded)
10. Best THC Cart (Blinded)
11. Best CBD Cart (Blinded)

Branded Categories
1. Best Sweet Edible (Branded)
2. Best Savory Edible (Branded)
3. Best THC Liquid Edible (Branded)
4. Best CBD Liquid Edible (Branded)
5. Best CBD Edible (Branded)
6. Best Topical (Branded)
7. Best Tincture (Branded)

*Each company that enters will get 1 attendee ticket per entry. Additional tickets may be available for purchase the week of event.*

*WSIA members save 20% off entry fee. Contact us for the coupon code.*

Competition Details

All sungrowers & processors using sungrown flower are invited to enter the 3rd annual Sun Cup.

Application, payment & sample must be received by April 2nd, 2021

**Please note that ALL entries are subject to testing for illegal pesticides**


  • No artificial lighting allowed during the flower stages for flower entered into the competition, the exception being the greenhouse category where flower grown with supplemental lighting may be entered.
  • No growth regulators.
  • No illegal pesticides
  • No artificial terpenes.
  • No non-native terpenes.
  • Products must be regularly offered in the market by the company.
  • All categories must have a minimum of three entries to remain open for competition. In the event a category does not meet the minimum. Any other entrants will be offered the option to enter another category or receive free entry in the 2022 Sun Cup.

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