Washington's Best Sungrown Cannabis

It's more than just bragging rights.

All winners will be publicly honored at the event with a beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade glass art trophy.  WSIA will issue press releases to media partners highlighting winners after the event and publicize winners on our website as well as across our social media networks.

Last year we had more than 25 cannabis companies enter 75 sungrown products.

We are looking forward to once again bringing together the most inspiring sungrowers and processors in the state and celebrating the hardest working folks in the industry.

Competition Categories

Best Concentrate Using Sungrown Plant Materials

• Best Hydrocarbon Dab

• Best CO2 Dab (oil in syringe, crumble, shatter, etc)

• Solventless (Rosin, Bubble, dry sift, hash, etc)

• Best THC Carts (any solvent, no non-native, non-sungrown terpenes)

• Best CBD Cart (any solvent, no non-native, non-sungrown terpenes)

• Best CBD Concentrate (all types of extractions, not in carts)

Best Live Resin Concentrate
Best Live Resin Concentrate
Best Infused Joint
Best Infused Joint
Best Overall Nose for Flower

Best Overall Nose for Flower. All flower entries will be automatically entered into Best Nose and Best Overall.

Best Overall

Best Overall for Flower. All flower entries will be automatically entered into Best Nose and Best Overall.

*Each company that enters will get 1 ticket per entry with a max of 3 tickets total. Extra tickets may be available for purchase the week of event.*

*WSIA members save 20% off entry fee. Contact us for the coupon code.*

Are you ready to compete?!
Application & payment must be received by March 22, 2019.

Competition Details

All sungrowers & processors using sungrown flower
are invited to enter the 2nd annual Sun Cup.

**Please note that ALL entries are subject to testing for illegal pesticides**


  1. Entry fee must be paid by 3/22/19.  (All categories except for Infused Joint will be blinded)
  2. Product samples** must be dropped off in Seattle* between 3/22/19-3/29/19.
    • Flower competitors must provide 12 grams of flower per category; unbranded two gram units will be distributed to judges.
    • Concentrate competitors must provide a total of 6 unbranded units per category; samples must be a minimum of .5 grams and a maximum of 1 gram.
    • Cartridge competitors must provide a total of 6 unbranded cartridges per category; cartridges must be a minimum of .5 grams and a maximum of 1 gram.
    • Infused joints may be submitted in their branded packaging, competitors must provide a total of 6 infused joints with a maximum weight of 2 grams.
  3. All entries will be distributed to the panel of judges which include retail store buyers, social media influencers, and cannabis connoisseurs.
  4. Winners of each category will be announced at the Sun Cup event on 4/27/19 and will receive a beautiful one-of-a-kind handmade glass art trophy and recognition in print & digital media.

*If transportation to Seattle is a concern, please reach out to to make alternative arrangements.

**Samples entered into the competition must be purchased from a licensed retailer to remain compliant with WSLCB regulations.


  • No winter crop allowed. (This assumes that it would be based upon lights and therefore is not allowed.
  • No artificial lighting allowed during the flower stages.
  • No growth regulators.
  • No illegal pesticides
  • No artificial terpenes.
  • No non-502 CBD.
  • No non-native terpenes. (With the exception of the concentrate & cartridge categories which may contain added plant based terpenes).
  • Products must be regularly offered in the market by the company.
  • All entries will be blinded with the exception of the new Infused Joint category.
  • All categories must have a minimum of three entries to remain open for competition. In the event a category does not meet the minimum.  Any other entrants will be offered the option to enter another category or receive free entry in the 2020 Sun Cup.

2018 Competitors

SunCup contestant Puffin Farm

Puffin Farm
Lazy Bee Gardens

Lazy Bee Gardens
Natural Mystic Farms SunCup contestant

Natural Mystic Farms
Ritual Cannabis SunCup contestant

Ritual Cannabis
Bad Ass Herbs SunCup contestant

Bad Ass Herbs
Canna Verde Farms SunCup contestant

Canna Verde Farms

CannaSol Farms SunCup contestant

CannaSol Farms
Pearl Extracts SunCup contestant

Pearl Extracts
SunCup contestant Studhorse Mtn Xtracts

Studhorse Mtn. Extracts
SunCup contestant Gorge Gold

Gorge Gold
SunCup contestant Washington Bud Company

Washington Bud Company
SunCup contestant High Five Farms

High Five Farms
SunCup contestant Green Barn Farms

Green Barn Farms
SunCup contestant Pickens Mountain Cannabis

Pickens Mountain
SunCup contestant Methow Horticulture

Methow Horticulture
SunCup contestant ahighrpowr

Eagle Trees SunCup contestant

Eagle Trees
Cascade Gnome SunCup contestant

Cascade Gnome
Walden SunCup contestant

Heylo SunCup contestant

Sustainnabis SunCup contestant

Kiona Tropical & Heirloom Cannabis SunCup contestant

Kiona Tropical & Heirloom Cannabis
Acme Diesel SunCup contestant

Acme Diesel

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