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Our mission is to support sustainably farmed sungrown cannabis by encouraging positive environmental and economic policy through advocacy, education, and research.

The WSIA is an integral member of the sustainable cannabis industry in Washington. We work to support an environmentally and economically sustainable industry for farmers and residents of Washington state.

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Member Benefits

Representation in Olympia

Direct lobbying in Olympia to ensure future policy decisions and legislation represent the interests of our members and is beneficial to sungrowers

Recognized in the industry

WSIA has a seat at the table on all the industry advisory boards to the WSLCB including the Quality Assurance Advisory Group, Package & Labeling Advisory Group, Traceability Advisory Group, and Cannabis Advisory Council (meets directly with WSLCB)

Strategic Partnerships

Advancing knowledge and networking opportunities throughout our membership base to help increase available opportunities and success rates of WSIA members

Environmental Research

Work independently and with partners to research the environmental benefits of sungrown cannabis so we can educate retailers and consumers

The WSIA has been a moving force behind recent legislation in product labeling, and we are just getting started. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a member. We offer various levels of membership.

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